ZZ prof image-useSMalLKD7 is a digital agency founded by Ze Zook, a Multimedia Digital Consultant with over 15 years in the entertainment and education industry. Ze was a digital tutor / consultant and practitioner at London Metropolitan University for over 7 years, applying creativity to marketing. He has also taught digital marketing in a consultancy capacity at Regents University for over 3 years, Ze is also a Visiting Academic at the University of Arts. With his colleague, PR Smith, he is the co-author of the (2016) Kogan Page best-selling classic; Marketing Communications Offline and Online Integration, Engagement and Analytics.

As the Creative and Health and Well-being industries converge, Ze has been at the forefront of this change, having been consulting in the cosmetic industry for the UK pioneering dental and sleep apnoea company; Somnowell Marketing. He was also instrumental in co-researching and writing a guideline recommendation policy document for Public Health England on mental health, advising them on their Social Media Strategy.